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Eco-Friendly: How You Can Help Us!
River Tarn
Wild Grapes
Camp Vallee du Tarn
Nature Revitalised!


During your stay with us you can help protect, preserve and rejuvenate this wonderful conservation zone.

At camp vallee du tarn we politely request that all guests use 100% biodegradable products and strictly no bleaches or harmful detergents. Natural eco products are available for purchase in the shop. All our locally sourced products have been awarded and display the European eco-label - the flower or the equivalent eg- ecocert.

The European eco-label award scheme was launched in 1992 to encourage the production and consumption of green products Europe-wide. The same flower logo is used across different product groups and member states, making it easier to recognise products with a superior environmental performance. Products that meet strict ecological performance criteria are awarded the flower logo-these are all available also in most reputable supermarkets in France. For more information, follow the link:

Please use the recycling bins responsibly.

Feel free to wander at your leisure but,  please keep to the main paths to allow the wild areas to flourish naturally.

Please also respect and do not harm the wildlife.
If you choose to fish, we can arrange suitable permits. Please use the designated plots only and respect other river and riverside occupants.

We care about environmental responsibility and have some eco initiatives for both now, and in the future. Come and see us again, share our commitment and savour and enjoy the nature flourishing around you!!

We have rain water harvesters.

Although we are licenced for 33 pitches, we have specially restricted this in order to encourage a sustainable environment so please do book early to avoid disappointment. 

During the winter the campsite and riverbank is completely cleared to help mother nature refresh and rejuvenate.


Thank you for caring and for your personal commitment and contribution to this little corner of planet earth.....

Take only memories - Leave only footprints!

A Bientot

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