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Just a few minutes walk or paddle along the river from Camp Vallee du Tarn will take you to the weir where, nestled in the rocks, you will discover the charming and picturesque village of Ambialet, as it has been for centuries. The ruins of medieval towers appear as guardians guarding the entrance to the fertile peninsula, formed by the oxbow carved by the timeless winding river.

Activities: Hiking, canoeing, cycling, climbing, rafting, fishing.... relax!


- the ruins of the castle: the access gives a
  beautiful view of the peninsula.
- the Priory (former monastery): Romanesque chapel
  from the eleventh century, with breathtaking
  views. In July and August guided tours are
  given every Wednesday morning.
- the church of Saint-Gilles: now owned by cultural
- the church of Condomine: open daily in summer.
- the Heritage Trail lets you intensely enjoy the
  beautiful surroundings.

- visit the hydropower plant in summer. It's a beautiful

  building to discover.


Courris: within walking distance. A sleepy farming village, happy and satisfied to stay in his own time!



Trébas - 10 km: supervised swimming in July and August, canoe safaris, donkey rides, tennis, many marked trails along natural sources. Every Sunday morning in July and August there is a landmarket. From Trébas you can do canoe trips, which lead past the campsite.


Albi - 18 km: the capital of the Tarn department is a beautiful medieval town with cobbled streets and interesting sights, including the Toulouse Lautrec museum. You can shop and stroll around extensively and eat and drink on the terrace. A visit to the largest brick cathedral in the world, Sainte-Cécile, is a must.


Saint-Juéry - 15 km: Musée du Saut du Tarn (old mill and hydroelectric power station). There also is a large Carrefour supermarket and on the way, at the right side of "the small tunnels road" you can reach several very nice little beaches.


Millau - 90 km: visit the viaduct and the museum. Beautiful panoramic views.


Gauillac - 45 km: the vineyards in the Gauillac region are worth a visit. You can visit several wineries. The village itself is cosy and has a nice museum.

Cordes-sur-Ciel and Monestiès - 30 km: BEAUTIFUL!


Cap Site Discovery Blayes-les-Mines - 25 km: former coal mine converted into a leisure centre and the Mining Museum.

Brousse-le-Château - 20 km: the most beautiful medieval village in France, dominated by an old castle (p.s. there are many picturesque villages in the area to visit).

Montredon Labessonnié - 40 km: zoo The 3 valleys.


Valras Plage - 160 km: (note, tolls do apply) it 'll take you 2.5 hours to reach the Mediterranean Sea.

Carcasonne - 118 km: (note, tolls do apply!)Those visiting this region should not miss the opportunity to visit the enchanting Cite de Carcasonne; the medieval double-walled fortress and the medieval fortress that was added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in 1997. The city not only has a beautiful cathedral, but also a castle inside the walls and an abundance of restaurants, bistros and shops. It's really great! The drive from Camp Vallee du Tarn takes just over 2 hours. The route takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes surrounded by sunflower fields and vineyards. Within the walls of the city you can enjoy regional dishes (for example cassoulet du canard). All this against a background of the stunning Pyrenees that can be seen in the distance!

Toulouse - 100 km: (note, tolls do apply!)Toulouse is a unique city in the south of France. The French spoken here is interspersed with Spanish sounds and the architecture has Italian influences everywhere. You can wander through medieval streets or take a walk along the Canal du Midi. There is much to discover in the area of heritage.


The River Tarn: rich in nature, rich in history. Explore this wonderful, majestic gorge - (car) riding, walking, cycling or paddling!
It is one of the largest natural gorges in the world. From east to west, almost 400 km long, from the tributaries of Mont Lozere in the Massif Central to the final connection with the Garonne, the Bay of Biscay and the North Atlantic Ocean. Influenced by different microclimates, making it unique!
A paradise for nature lovers!
The Tarn river has carved a real valley in the limestone plateau. Beautiful and varied parts are waiting to be discovered, from the land and from the water. The calm water is ideal for family canoeing, while the bustling rapids are the source of many activities such as rafting and kayaking.  Lovers of heritage and culture will not be disappointed, as historical remains, castles, fortresses, forts and churches abound. But just chilling in the hammock with a glass of local sparkling is also highly recommended....!



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