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Local music events and festivals throughout the summer.

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A Sleepy, Quaint, local farming hamlet, happy and content to remain in it's own time!



Just a 10 minute stroll or paddle along the river from Camp Vallee du Tarn will bring you to the weir across which you will discover, nestled in the rock as it has been for centuries, the charming and picturesque village of Ambialet. The ruins of medieval towers loom like sentries guarding the entrance to the fertile peninsula formed by the ox-bow which has been carved by the timeless meandering of the river over the eons. Enjoy a refreshing drink in the cafe gardens or cool down by the fountain. Climb up to the old priory where you will enjoy spectacular, breathtaking views of the river and surrounding countryside. Time has stood still here! Check out its fascinating past by following the links: 




Activities: Hiking,  Canoeing, Cycling, Climbing, Rafting, Fishing....Relaxing!

The torrents of the Tarn have carved a real valley in the limestone plateau. Fabulous and varied sections await to delight not only those who will discover them from the footpaths and roads but for those who will do so from the water. The calm waters are ideal for discovering the joys of family canoeing while the bubbling rapids are the source of a large number of activities like rafting and kayaking for the more adventurous.  Certain people will love climbing the steep rock faces; others will admire the succession of cirques and rocky chaos from their bikes. Heritage and culture lovers won’t be disappointed either: historic vestiges, châteaux, fortresses and churches are in abundance. However, some folk may prefer to just chill in the hammock with a glass of local red!



Anyone touring this region should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the enchanting Cite de Carcasonne; the medieval double-walled fortress and cite which was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997. The cite boasts not only a magnificent cathedral but a castle within its walls along with a plethora of restaurants, bistros and shops.  It is truly awesome!


The drive from Camp Vallee du Tarn takes just a little over 2 hours (Tolls do apply!) although the scenery is so beautiful I would allow longer. The route takes you through some of the most stunning countryside surrounded by sunflower fields and vineyards. Savour the regional signature dish of Cassoulet du Canard within the Cite walls. All this to a backdrop of the magnificent Pyrenees which can be seen in the distance!



Beautiful historical city, also on the Tarn. Medieval architecture with the largest brick cathedral in the world. Cobbled streets with shops, restaurants and interesting attractions, including the Toulouse Lautrec museum.
http://www.tourisme-tarn.com/en ( click on Albi an episcopal city)

Brousse Le Chateau 

One of several beautiful historical villages along the Vallee Du Tarn.  Dominated by an ancient castle and ranked as one of the most stunning villages in France from the middle ages.


Le Tarn

Rich in nature, rich in history. Explore this wondrous, majestic gorge - drive, hike, bike or paddle!

One of the biggest, natural gorges in the world. Flowing from east to west, nearly 400 Kms long, from its tributaries of Mont Lozere in the Massif Central, until it eventually connects with the Garonne, and finally into the Bay Of Biscay and the North Atlantic.  Affected by several micro climates making it unique, with its own wildlife and splendour.

A nature lovers paradise!

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